Earl's Farm Market
1630 Blue Star Hwy   Fennville/Glenn, MI 49408     269-227-2074  info@earlsfarmmarket.com
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Earl's Farm Market - Home

Open Everyday 8am-7pm
Closing For the Season Tuesday Nov. 1
Stock up on your Homemade Jam  
Frozen Pies & Berries for the Holidays & Winter!

Red Raspberries
available for U-Pick Only!

Fresh Picked Locally Grown Apples!
Varieties Available:
Ida Red - Jonathan - Empire
Fugi - McIntosh
Honey Crisp

Fresh Pressed Apple Cider!

Gourds - Indian Corn - Pumpkins
Hard Winter Squash!
Acorn - Spaghetti - Butternut - Buttercup

Check Out Fresh
Homemade from Scratch Bakery Goodies!

Blueberry Donuts - Blueberry Sugar Cookies 
Blueberry Coffee Cake - Blueberry Bread

Fresh Donuts - Cookies - Breads - Cinnamon Rolls
Daily Dessert Specials
Sugar Free also available
Pumpkin Cookies & Donuts Now Available!!

Sherman's Dairy Ice Cream
Cones - Sundaes - Shakes - Flurries

Michigan Fruit Pies Available
Strawberry/Rhubarb - Blueberry - 3 Berry 
Red Raspberry - Blackberry - Rhubarb - Cherry 
Peach - Apple - Dutch Apple - Pumpkin
Peach Blueberry - Peach Raspberry - 3 Berry Crumb
Sugar Free Blueberry - Apple or Peach
Available Frozen and Baked

Earl's Pies as available Locally!
Available Frozen at
Blue Star Meats - Holland
Available Baked by the slice at
What Not - Fennville

Place your Thanksgiving Baked Pie Order Now!
Or pick up your order form for Holiday Pies!
Earl's Farm Market
will be open for Thanksgiving Eve
for Pre Ordered Baked Pies
Wednesday November 23  10am-4pm

Michigan Farm Fresh
U-Pick or We-Pick


Fruits & Vegetables

Homemade Pies

Baked Goods

Homemade Strawberry Shortcake

Fruit Jams

Sherman's Dairy
Ice Cream

1630 Blue Star
Fennville, MI


GPS coordinates:
N 42.53723 degrees 
W  86.20978 degrees

Visit Earl's Family Restaurant.
What Not Inn
2405 Blue Star Hwy  Fennville