Earl's Farm Market
1630 Blue Star Hwy   Fennville/Glenn, MI 49408     269-227-2074  info@earlsfarmmarket.com
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Earl's Farm Market - Home

Open 8am - 9pm Everyday

Blueberries available in our Market
Fresh Picked Daily
Variety: Blue Crop
U-Pick is open 8am-8pm
Picking is very Plentiful.
Variety: Blue Crop

Black & Red Summer Raspberries
 are done for the season but we have a
Nice Crop of Fall Red Raspberries coming around Labor Day.

Locally Grown Produce!
Sweet Cherries - Apricots - Plums
Green & Yellow Beans - Pickles 
Cucumbers - Zucchini - Yellow Squash
Indiana Cantaloupe now available.

All your Fresh Produce Needs!
Potatoes - Onions - Peppers  
 Sweet Corn - Lemon - Limes - Melons 

Fresh Blueberry Donuts Everyday!
Blueberry & Raspberry Muffins!
Cinnamon Rolls! 
Homemade Cookies & Brownies!


Michigan Fruit Baked Pies Available
Strawberry/Rhubarb - Blueberry - 3 Berry 
Red Raspberry - Blackberry - Rhubarb - Cherry 
Peach - Apple - Dutch Apple - Pumpkin
Peach Blueberry - Peach Raspberry - 3 Berry Crumb
Sugar Free Blueberry - Apple or Peach

Homemade Cream Pies Available

Coconut - Raspberry - Chocolate

Frozen Homemade Pies
Regular size or Country Style!!

Get your favorite Earl's Homemade Jam
all year around with Online Shopping!

Michigan Farm Fresh
U-Pick or We-Pick


Fruits & Vegetables

Homemade Pies

Baked Goods

Homemade Strawberry Shortcake

Fruit Jams

Sherman's Dairy
Ice Cream

Trees and Wreaths

1630 Blue Star
Fennville, MI


GPS coordinates:
N 42.53723 degrees 
W  86.20978 degrees

Visit Earl's Family Restaurant.
What Not Inn
2405 Blue Star Hwy  Fennville