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Nutrition & Measurements
  • 1 cup = 64 calories = ¾ of a pound = 1 pint
  • 9" pie or a batch of cooked jam; 4 pints of berries
  • Raspberries are very high in dietary fiber and slowly release carbohydrates
    into the blood stream of diabetics.
  • Raspberries have also been shown to lower high blood cholesterol levels.
Picking Tips

Call ahead. Raspberries are affected by weather - rain and cool temperatures. 

If temperatures are very hot, berries will ripen overnight, so don’t wait. If temperatures are cool, they will take a day or 2 to ripen.

While picking Raspberries, make sure to move leaves back to find all berries since Raspberries ripen evenly at the top, bottom, and all through the plant.

Gently grasp the berry and tug gently. If it does not release from the inner core of the plant, it is not ripe.

Do not overfill or pack down containers.

Click here for harvesting times

Raspberry Facts:

Raspberries are also known as cane berries or brambles and are in the Blackberry Family.

Raspberries are produced in several colors: red, black, purple & gold and harvest in 2 different crops or seasons. 

At Earl’s: Red & Black Raspberries and Blackberries in July; Red & Gold in September.

Storing & Traveling Tips

Raspberries are the most perishable berry.

Refrigerate as soon as you get them home.

They will keep 1 to 2 days in fridge.

Freeze before they spoil. Berries will settle down into the container the longer they are stored.

Don’t put berries in the trunk
of  a car.

Earl's Raspberry Varieties:
  • Lauren
  • Camby
  • Heritage
  • Chester Black
  • Kiwi Gold

How to Freeze

Sort berries; remove any leaves and inner core if still inside berry.

Rinsing berries will soften them, so you can rinse if desired before or after freezing.

Place in a single layer on cookie sheet in the freezer overnight; place in Ziploc bags  (or a vacuum sealer works great). Get as much air out as possible for better quality.

Label bags - contents and date.